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Tile Cleaning and grout Sealing .70 per sq st. - min tile size 12”
Disclaimer: Natural stone may be extra.


Renew the Life of Your Tile & Grout

Does your tile and grout lack the shine it once had? Your tile and grout is very porous and if left unsealed dirt, cooling oil, grease and detergent can easily find their niche and settle in for a long nap. The dirty, stained grout lines are extremely difficult to get clean on your own and without the proper tools. Normal mopping will not eliminate the look of dirty grout, but will instead push around the dirt, and leave a soapy residue in its wake.

Wake it with the help of Carpet Cleaning Service AZ’s tile and grout cleaning process! Our experts can easily extract embedded dirt from your tile flooring or counter-tops, removing it from deep within the pores of the grout. In almost no time at all we can clean, restore and protect your tired-looking tile and grout and return it to its former glory.

How Do We Do It?

We have a powerful extraction cleaning system specifically designed for tile and grout that incorporates heat, cleansing agents, vacuum and a high pressure rinse. This system effectively allows us to loosen all deeply embedded soil from fine crevices and porous tile and grout removing the dirt that you were unable to remove with traditional cleaning methods. In addition, an application of grout sealer will also make your grout easier to maintain between professional cleanings.

Quality Grout Re-Coloring

When your grout has deeply embedded stains and dirt that won’t come clean, or perhaps you just want to change the decor in your home, grout re-coloring can give the look of your tile and grout surfaces a fresh look without the costly expense of replacement. The grout coloring application is also a premium grout sealer which means the grout pores will be thoroughly sealed to make regular maintenance cleaning easier for you. Grout color seal is also virtually stain proof and comes available in 12 premixed shades. Don’t see the color you want? Ask Carpet Cleaning Service AZ to custom mix the color of your choice.

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