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Dryer Vent Cleaning Phoenix AZ

Dryer Vent Cleaning Phoenix | Clothes Dryer Vent Cleaning Arizona

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"Failure To Clean" is the #1 contributing factor to clothes dryer fires

Dryer vent cleaning Phoenix - Lint and debris can accumulate in your clothes dryer vent and cause a blockage of air flow, which in turn creates potentially hazardous conditions, including the possibility for an exhaust fire or carbon monoxide intrusion occurring. “The U.S. Fire Administration’s, National Fire Data Center reports that there are over 12,700 homes fires each year associated with clothes dryer fires resulting in 15 deaths and 300 injuries, and 88 million dollars in property damage.”

Along with the water vapor evaporated from the wet clothes, the exhaust stream carries lint—highly flammable particles of clothing made of cotton and polyester—through the ventilation duct. An abundance of lint—which accumulates each and every time you dry your clothes—in the ventilation duct can cause a reduction of your dryer’s ability to expel the heated water vapor, which in turn causes an accumulation of heat energy to build up on inside your dryer. As the dryer overheats, mechanical failures (thermostat, limit switch, damaged screen, or crushed hose) can trigger sparks which cause trapped lint to burst into flames.

Poor Efficiency Levels

Is your dryer taking longer to dry even the smallest of loads? The reason for this is that when your vents are restricted, air flow can’t pass, causing your dryer to run hotter and for longer periods of time. Built up heat created by poor air flow can ruin your clothes, add dollars to home’s energy bill, and increase the amount of wear and tear on your dryer. Reduce energy consumption, operating costs and the possibility of a fire by having your dryer vent cleaned by Carpet Cleaning Service AZ.

Call in the Clothes Dryer Vent Cleaning Phoenix Arizona Professionals

Carpet Cleaning Service AZ provides professional dryer vent cleaning throughout Phoenix for residential, commercial and industrial customers alike. Our uniformed technicians use the same powerful vacuum equipment for your clothes dryer vent as we do when we clean for a heating/cooling air duct system. In addition, we use high pressure air and specialized tools to dislodge the dirt and debris from long vent runs, crevices, elbows and bends, cleaning the entire length of the vent from the dryer to the outside of your home.


Mesa - Dryer Vent Cleaning

"My dryer was not drying like it should and I thought it might be plugged. I could not remember the last time my vents were cleaned I called Carpet Cleaning Service AZ and they came out and cleaned the vents. My dryer works like a brand new one. I even scheduled my carpets to be cleaned and they were very professional, and did a wonderful job."

Tammy - Date: 2012-11-03

Phoenix - Dryer Vent Cleaning

"I experienced great service with Carpet Cleaning Service. I had them clean my dryer vents at an affordable rate. They staff arrived on time and I can honestly say that my house in Phoenix has cleaner air thanks to them. I always recommend you to my friends and peers!"

Vinny - Date: 2012-11-30

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