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Carpet Repair and Carpet Stretching | Carpet Seam Repair | Phoenix AZ

Carpet Stretching & Repair

Are you tired of lumpy, loose carpeting? We can stretch it! Did kitty tear apart the seams of your carpet with her claws? We can repair that! Carpet wrinkles, bubbles, lumps, or damage are caused by poor installation (yes it’s true), heavy traffic, pets, or the age of your carpet. All of which can easily be stretched or repaired, with our help, of course!

Amazing Results You'll Love

Carpet Cleaning Service AZ is your one-stop source for all of your home cleaning requirements including carpet stretching and repair. We can power stretch your existing carpet to reduce or eliminate wrinkles, lumps or bubbles. In addition, we can also save your kitty’s life by easily patching her little mistake, no matter what type of carpet you may have. Our services don’t stop there! We can also supply new carpet cushioning and re-install your carpets to their previous condition for flooded areas.

Your Old Carpet as Good as New

We take great pride in being flexible! We aren't limited to residential carpet re-stretching and repair only; we also power stretch commercial and industrial carpets too. Our experienced and certified technicians are knowledgeable in many different carpet techniques, all designed to restore your carpets to their former glory.

Carpet Repair Issues

  • Carpet wrinkles, bubbles, or lumps
  • Loose carpet seams
  • Flood damage
  • Pet stain and odor repairs
  • Pet bites, holes, and tears
  • Burn holes from cigarettes or candles
  • Detached carpets
  • Missing tack strips or rotted tack strips
  • Exposed seams
  • Bleach stains

No More Issues

Loose carpets can cause de-lamination and break down your carpets. This severely shortens the life expectancy of your carpets and can make them extremely safe to walk on. Call us now for your free, no-obligation estimate. We will send out one of our expert carpet technicians to power-stretch, cut and re-seam your existing carpets so that they look like new again!

Don't forget , We at Carpet Cleaning service AZ provide professional carpets and rugs cleaning & carpet protection to insure the life of your carpets and rugs. 

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Phoenix Carpet Stretching & Repair

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