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Carpet Cleaning Anthem AZ

Carpet Cleaning Service in Anthem AZ | Air Duct, Upholstery, Tile and Grout

Carpet Cleaning Service AZ Anthem

Carpet Cleaning Coupon
(Save $30.00)

3 Areas Carpet Cleaning $75.00 Reg $105.00
Disclaimer: Combination rooms and areas over 250 sq ft are considered 2 areas.
Natural fibers are extra.

Carpet Cleaning Service AZ Anthem

FREE Deodorizer Coupon

Free Deodorizer with purchase of 5
or more areas

Disclaimer. This is a deodorizer and not an enzyme. Made for odors not made from organic problems like urine.


Carpet Cleaning Anthem AZ & Phoenix AZ. Your Anthem carpet cleaners provide carpet cleaning, carpet cleaning solutions, carpet protection, water removal from flood damage and carpet deodorizers. Your Anthem Carpet Cleaning Care is backed by a Guarantee of Satisfaction.

With the current flooding that takes place during our Arizona monsoon season, you may need assistance with carpet cleaning. Water damage beyond 48 hours may require complete replacement of the affected carpet or flooring. We ensure proper water cleanup and provide 24-hour emergency water removal and water damage cleanup services. Flood cleanup and water removal services are some of our specialties and we use the best methods and latest technology for water extraction and dehumidification from your carpets. If you need assistance, please contact us at 602-633-2015.


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