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Carpet Cleaning Phoenix AZ

Affordable Carpet Cleaning Phoenix AZ | Carpet Cleaner & Protection

Carpet Cleaning Service AZ Phoenix

Carpet Cleaning Coupon

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3 Areas Carpet Cleaning $75.00 Reg $105.00

Disclaimer: Combination rooms and areas over 250 sq ft are considered 2 areas. Natural fibers are extra.

Carpet Cleaning Service AZ Phoenix

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Free Deodorizer with purchase of 5 or more areas

Disclaimer. This is a deodorizer and not an enzyme. Made for odors not made from organic problems like urine.


Affordable Carpet Cleaning in Phoenix AZ and surrounding areas - The upside to your carpets is that they are a beautiful and expensive feature of your home. In addition they can also provide you with a level of softness and comfort that simply cannot be matched by tile or hardwood flooring. The downfall is that they are unfortunately a source for heavy traffic, which in turn causes them to be prone to stains and the buildup of grime. You can’t always control what happens to your carpets, but you can arm yourself with the best form of defense.

That’s where Carpet Cleaning Service AZ comes in. We are a full service Phoenix area carpet and home cleaning services company that is equipped to tackle even the toughest of jobs. With service areas covering the Phoenix Metropolitan and surrounding areas we are readily available to assist you with friendly service, fast-drying times, and our famous customer satisfaction guarantee.


No two carpets are ever the same! This is why we use specialized equipment and non-toxic cleaning solutions that are sure not to cause damage; but will effectively clean your carpets. We handle all carpets and area rug materials including wool, nylon, olefin, polyester, sisal, oriental and more with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Our Process

Inspection—Upon arrival to your home, our Phoenix carpet cleaning technicians will walk through the areas that need to be cleaned, identifying any problem areas such as heavy soiling, pet odors, stains, or damaged carpet in need of repair.

Moving Furniture—So that we may access hard to reach areas, we will move most light furniture, prior to the start of our cleaning process. We would like to note that we follow strict industry safety standards when it comes to moving your furniture and therefore cannot move heavy or breakable items.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Phoenix—Our process of deep-cleaning your carpets and rugs includes the following two steps:

Step 1: Clean

We will apply a special heat activated cleaning solution to the carpet’s fibers in order to loosen embedded dirt.

Step 2: Rinse

This will then be followed through with our high-powered extraction equipment and a PH-balancing fiber rinse. These combine to remove all traces of dirt and cleaning solutions from your carpets.

Setp 3: Finish

After all work is completed we will carefully expect all cleaned areas, with the customer, and ensure you are fully satisfied. If there are any issues noted, we will remedy them, right then and there.

Extra Services: Carpet Protection Phoenix | Carpet Deodorizer Phoenix

Carpet Protection Phoenix - We highly recommend providing your newly cleaned carpets and rugs with a quality carpet protectant and deodorizer; both of which help to restore your carpet’s protective properties and in turn make it all the easier to care for. Upon request we use UltraCare™ Fourguard Carpet and Upholstery Protector and/or UltraCare™ Fresh Scent Plus Carpet Deodorizer (additional charges may apply).

Pet Odor Removal

We all Love our pets and may experiance the unexpected accidents that may occur. We at Carpet Cleaning Service AZ have years of experience effectively removing pet stains and odors from carpet and upholstery, and provide free estimates.

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