Nail Polish Should Be On Your Nails NOT Your Carpet

It is never fun when you realize you have a carpet stain, but what makes it even worse is finding out what kind of stain you have to deal with. Nail polish is one of those stains that we never want to have because it can come in a variety of bright and opaque colors that is not friendly to any light colored carpet. Although, with a bit of acetone, patience, and a few other things, you will be able to get rid of those annoying stains!

The best and effective way to remove nail polish from carpet is to use acetone. Although, do not pour the acetone directly over stain and carpet because it is a strong chemical. It can destroy the backing of your carpet! We recommend using a  wash cloth and soaking one corner with acetone so that you will have more control when performing a dabbing motion over the nail polish stain.

Note: Do not scrub stain, this will cause you to spread the stain even further onto other parts of the carpet.

After you have dabbed acetone on the stain, use a dry corner from the wash cloth and perform a dabbing motion once more over the stain. This is going to help to remove any excess acetone that can damage your carpet and any of the nail polish that was able to lift from the carpet fibers. Then grab another wash cloth and begin dabbing and patting the stained area to help extract any leftover debris.

Not finished yet, grab some All Purpose Spotter!

The last step in removing pesky nail polish stains on carpet is to moderately apply All Purpose Spotter on the treated area and begin applying more pressure in a dabbing motion with a dry wash cloth to dry the area and remove any more debris that was not removed when removing the excess acetone.

Done, Nail polish is gone!

So, the next time you spill nail polish on the carpet, no need to stress. Just dash across the room for a few wash cloths, acetone, and all purpose spotter!

You Will Never Guess What Keeps Your Dog Off The Couch; It Will Have You Saying, “I knew that!”

Having furry pets as family members can be quite rewarding. They provide unconditional love, cuddles, and joy to their families. These are all perfect examples of what we can expect from our furry companions, and the expectations do not end there. As our parents have always said, “Taking care of a pet is a BIG responsibility”. This means that you can expect the teething phase in puppies, the scratching of furniture in cats, and even the occasional potty accidents in all young pets. Although, if you expect your puppy to know that the couch is off limits, you are about to be disappointed!

As the “master” or “alpha” of our furry family, we must understand that these actions are created through habits. If you do not wish to allow your pets to be on the couch, then make sure that you train your pet to know so. One of the biggest stains in Upholstery Cleaning is the drool marks of dogs who clearly love to do their bathing on the couch, sofa, or loveseat. For this reason, it is sensible to want to make furniture off limits to them.

So, how do we get our pets off the couch and off for good?

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Earth Day Carpet Cleaning Tips: The Four C’s

Carpet Cleaning Service AZEarth day is tomorrow and what better way to help support environmental protecting by providing earth friendly carpet cleaning tips. This annual event, which started in 1970, is celebrated worldwide in hopes to bring awareness and protection to Earth. With many vehicles, power plants, and fossil fuel all around us, it is important to help do our part and give our environment a rest. In fact, our recommended green products are made from Earth.

Water and Vinegar: Going green does not have to be hard. By having water and vinegar available, you will be able to replace many household cleaners that contain many strong chemicals and odors. This includes solutions used to clean greasy stove tops, toilet scum, and even a variety of stains in carpets!

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Consider Your Indoor Air Quality

Many people suffer from hypersensitive immune systems which can cause a sneezing and coughing fury whenever allergens are present. These small antigens can be found throughout the air on a breezy spring day from the blooming flowers and their pollen. There are many different types of allergens that can trigger this response in sensitive individuals and they are not only found outside. Many allergens are brought from outside sources and are then brought indoors through a variety of surfaces. These surfaces can include shoes, clothes, hands, and other fibers of material.

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Replacing A Carpet Isn’t As Easy As You Think!

When thinking about getting a new carpet or replacing an old one there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration.  What kind of fiber you want, the type of pile and density, the weight and texture are some of the most important factors.

Carpet Fibers

The term fiber refers to the material of the carpet itself.  This can either be made from wool and other natural materials or from synthetic materials which include acrylic, polyester, nylon and olefin.  All these fibers have their pros and cons and you should go over them before making a purchase.

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DIY Carpet Projects


After surfing the web for hours, I finally came upon a perfect project for all you Carpet Lovers. I call this a DIY Carpet Projects, or in other words, Do It Yourself Carpet Projects.

We all know how expensive carpet can be and yet how inexpensive a floor mat can be. Although, if you love printed patterns, you usually have to pay a little extra. The truth is if you are handy with your hands then you can end up creating your own styles and patterns for much less. I found two fairly intermediate projects that anyone with time and a creative mind can do.

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Hardwood Floors: Cleaning Tips!

Hardwoods floors can give a home an elegant and well-furnished sense of class. With the right color of paint for the walls, and the perfect accessories of frames and artwork, a room can be transformed. Although, there comes the time where the hardwood floors begin to look dull and loses its gleaming shine. Many people would believe that soap, water, and a mop will do the trick. Truth is, it will only add to the dull appearance.


Others may say, just add wax and polish away…

Again, there is more to know before attempting to clean your hardwood floors. In order to properly clean hardwood floors, you must first determine if the floor is sealed? There are a few methods to sealing hardwood floors. For most new hardwood floors, they are surfaced-sealed with the use of urethane, polyurethane, or polyacrylic. The surfaces become stain and water-damage resistant. If you own surface-sealed floors, then cleanup is as easy as sweeping, mopping, and letting it dry.

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Biggest Myth of Owning a Carpet!!

carpet cleaning

Having a clean and new carpet is such a wonderful thing. You could lie on the floor and cuddle up with your loved ones and even pets. This pleasant feeling soon leaves once the first spill is made on the carpet. The reaction is to quickly clean the carpet BUT you know it will never be the same without the help of professionals, depending on the spill, of course. This seems to be one of the cons of owning a carpet and can lead people to choosing tile instead. For those carpet lovers, we will share one of the biggest myths of owning a carpet.

Many carpet owners think,” there is no need for professional help when I have my own carpet cleaning machine or I can rent a commercial one. “

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Tile & Grout Cleaning in Arizona

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Are you spending hours a day on your hands and knees scrubbing your floors and it still does not look clean? Are you getting frustrated trying to get your tile and grout clean? Cleaning your Tile and Grout can be a tough process with the residues that build up over a period of time leaving the undesirable appearance we all hate. Even some cleaners we think will help us to clean our tile and grout can actually cause damage or leave a film on tile that looks like a milky film dulling your tile finish. Other cleaning products can actually make you sick or have such a strong smell that it makes it unbearable to even try to clean your tile or grout.

Calling the professionals to clean your tile and grout is an easy solution and gives you the results you desire without all the headaches. At Carpet Cleaning Service AZ we are the professional service that can get the job done right the first time. We offer tile and grout protectant and grout recoloring also with our cleaning services.


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