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The Top 4 Common Carpet Cleaning Blunders

In response to stay-at-home orders, more people are inside working or studying, as well as maintaining a clean home. The CDC has stressed the importance of cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces and objects in recent weeks. You should be doing this daily. It is, however, possible to be making a few cleaning blunders as you check tasks off your to-do list. Here are four common carpet cleaning blunders, such as not having professional carpet cleaning done, and how you can best avoid making them.

Vacuuming Before Dusting

Vacuuming first is not an efficient way to spend your time cleaning. You should always dust first, using a microfiber cloth that traps most particles, and then vacuum. Avoid using a feather duster, which moves dirt around. Microfiber dusting cloths can be found online for under $20; use a different rag for each surface. The same rule applies when mopping. Vacuuming after dusting furniture and cleaning countertops maximizes the cleanliness of your home and provides more time for relaxation.

Scrubbing Carpet Spills

Spills are bound to happen, but stains don’t have to. One of the biggest mistakes made when cleaning up a spill is scrubbing at it. That has the opposite effect as it agitates the carpet fibers and causes stains to develop. The best method for absorbing any liquid messes is to gently blot them with a clean, white, non-patterned paper towel or cloth. Solid messes should be picked up using a spoon. Click here for additional water-soluble and fat or oily stain removal steps.

Failing to Change the Vacuum Bag

A noticeable decrease in suction is often one of the first signs that your vacuum’s bag or canister needs to be changed/emptied. It may take you longer to vacuum your living spaces, or the cleaner may blow dirt back into the air, impacting indoor air quality. While the frequency in which you should replace the bag or empty the canister depends on your vacuuming habits, a good rule of thumb is to check it every 30 days. For bagged cleaners, look for high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) replacements.

Not Hiring a Professional to Clean Your Carpets

Having professional carpet cleaning done every 12 to 18 months helps to create a healthy and comfortable indoor living environment. Homes that get a lot of foot traffic, allow shoes to be worn inside, or include members who suffer from asthma or allergies may want to consider more frequent cleanings. Equally, this service is essential for maintaining your carpet warranty.

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