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Carpet Repair vs. Carpet Replacement

From puppy accidents to normal wear-and-tear on your carpets, flooring can take quite a beating, but knowing when to repair or replace it is a hard decision to make. How are you supposed to know? What should you be identifying? The information in this piece can be the difference between a quick $100 carpet repair or about $2,000 for new carpet installation, according to Fixr.

When Carpet Repair Makes Sense

According to Thumbtack, if your carpet is buckling or has a few damaged sections, it is a pretty straightforward repair that a professional company can handle. If your high traffic areas look good and there are no pet odors, most professionals will recommend repairing the section. Minor damages take minutes to fix, which is why 90 percent of the time, companies only charge a small service fee.

Service fees typically include a designated amount of labor, employee time, travel, and equipment. A carpet repair company can also re-stretch your carpet to smooth edges or tuck away trouble spots. This type of repair can also help when your carpet comes up around transition edges. With a company like T.A.C.T., you can expect to have all your questions answered by an experienced technician.

Typical carpet issues that T.A.C.T. covers are carpet wrinkles, bubbles or lumps, loose carpet seams, flood damage, pet damage and odor, burn holes, and more. Your technician will be able to assess the extent of the damage, and if it is localized, you are likely an excellent candidate for this service. If there is more extensive damage, carpet replacement may be required. 

When Carpet Replacement is Required

If the cost to repair your carpets is over $500, you will typically want to replace the carpet, unless the flooring is relatively new. The best time to replace your carpet is if your high traffic areas are severely matted down. Even professional carpet cleaning will not be able to make it look better. The cost of the replacement varies dependent on square footage, preferred carpet type, and flooring condition.

Causes of Carpet Issues

Buckling in your flooring can happen because of extreme heat or excess water absorption after cleaning. However, pets are the number one offender. Besides causing odors, pets can delaminate your carpet. Cats have been known to scratch the carpet, causing significant damage, especially in doorways. The bulk of repair calls that companies receive are due to pets. 

Hire a Carpet Service Professional

Contact T.A.C.T. Elite Cleaning Services for affordable, quality carpet repair at (602) 633-2015. We use state-of-the-art, truck-mounted equipment, along with specialized tools to provide Valley residents and businesses with a revolutionary three-step cleaning process.

This unique process uses a non-toxic cleaning agent, which leaves no soil-attracting residue behind, ensuring you receive the best results. We also specialize in carpet stretching and repair, water removal, dryer vent cleaning, air duct cleaning, and so much more.

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