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Puppy Wrecked Carpet? Carpet Repair Step-by-Step Guide

Bringing your four legged best friend home for the first time can be quite exciting. There are, however, going to be several milestones and mishaps along the way. One such mishap that may occur with puppies, aside from potty accidents, is torn up carpet. Before contacting your local Phoenix carpet repair and cleaning professionals, follow these steps to fix damaged carpet.

What You’ll Need

  • single-sided carpet tape
  • extra carpet
  • gloves
  • marker
  • masking tape
  • empty jar or can
  • scissors
  • utility knife
  • dog obedience training

Follow These Steps for Carpet Repair

Step One 

Find remnants of excess carpet from the previous installation. If you no longer have any leftover carpet, cut a small piece from the back of an unused closet or space that is not visible.

Step Two

Find an empty jar or can that is relative in size to the damaged areas. On the nap side of the replacement piece, press down firmly with the container to leave an impression on the carpet. Using the imprint as an outline, cut the surrounding areas with a sharp utility knife.

Step Three

Draw an arrow on a piece of masking tape and place the piece of tape on top of the fresh piece of carpet to indicate the direction of the carpet’s nap. Repeat the same process and place near the damaged area of the carpet to identify the course of the nap as well.

Step Four

Using the same container, press it firmly over the damaged area of carpet and with your utility knife, carefully cut along the outline.

Step Five

Cut a piece of carpet tape, two to three inches wider than the diameter of the cut-out area. Peel off the adhesive side of the tape and carefully insert the piece into the cut-out area. Ensure that you smooth it flat from below so that it sticks firmly to the carpet backing around the perimeter of the opening. This stage can be challenging, work carefully, and patiently as the stickiness can be quite bothersome.

Step Six

After you feel confident that the placement of your carpet tape is firmly in place, grab your replacement piece and turn the repair piece, so its arrow is turning in the same direction as arrow near the damaged section. Press the new repair piece into the old, damaged cut-out and apply extra pressure on the edges.

Step Seven

Work fibers with fingers surrounding the cut-outs to blend. If needed, take scissors and trim any threads that are uneven to blend more seamlessly.

Step Eight

Use a hefty stack of books or heavy furniture to set on top of the affected areas for a couple of days to allow the new carpet to settle in. After a day or two, you should be all set with a brand-new carpet.

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