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vacuum attachments

As a rule, you should be vacuuming your carpet, area rugs and upholstery once a week with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtrated vacuum cleaner. Vacuum two to three times per week if you get a lot of foot traffic or have pets. Use vacuum attachments to clean hard-to-reach areas and stairs. Combine with regular carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

Standard Vacuum Attachments

Most vacuum cleaners include these accessories in the box.

Extension Wand: Add 18-inches to the vacuum hose to reach high, low, and hard-to-reach places (e.g., ceiling fans, light fixtures, air vents, and under furniture). Its long length prevents muscle strain and fatigue. Extension wands can be paired with other tubes or attachments – just fasten it to the wand and go.

Upholstery Tool: Dust, pet hair and lint cling to upholstery fibers, which can be difficult to get off without the proper tools. Enter the upholstery cleaning attachment! From four to six inches wide, this tool directs a band of suction over dusty cushions to effectively, and efficiently clean them. Works on mattresses and carpeted stairs as well.

Crevice Tool: The angled tip of this 8- to 12-inch long tool makes picking up dirt and debris from hard-to-reach places easy. Slide it along baseboards, between vents and seat cushions, and in other tight spots. You can also use this attachment to clean the dryer lint trays; dryer exhaust vents should be inspected and cleaned annually as well.

Dusting Brush: Inch-long bristles surround the opening of this round or rectangular shaped tool, providing gentle abrasion to dislodge and pick up dust particles. Its soft bristles won’t scratch surfaces. Use it on leather furniture, lampshades, window treatments, baseboards, furniture, or on the dashboard of your car.

Floor Sweeper: Vacuum wood and tile floors in overlapping rows with this go-to tool. The soft, half-inch bristles, along with the vacuums’ powerful suction pick up dirt, crumbs, and pet hair while the center picks up larger debris. Floor sweepers typically feature wheels or a swivel head, making it easy to maneuver around a room.

Add-On Vacuum Attachments

These can be purchased à la carte at retailers and online.

Turbo Brush: With a swivel head, rotating bristles, and a compact size the turbo brush attachment is useful for cleaning stairs without the need to lug the vacuum up every step. Some have rubber parts to better grab and remove pet hair that clings to upholstered furniture. Can also be used for cleaning car interiors.

Car-Cleaning Nozzle: This is the same nozzle you use at do-it-yourself car washes. Simply attach it to your vacuum hose and use it to clean the upholstery and in between all the corners of your car. Can also be used in the house for cleaning upholstery, mattresses, and stairs.

Pet Grooming Tool: If you have fur-babies, you may want to consider adding this attachment to your arsenal of grooming supplies. This comb is meant to help make your pet’s hair soft and, when attached to your vacuum, ensure pet hair doesn’t get all over the house … if your pet doesn’t freak out at the sound of the vacuum that is.

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