Holiday Cleaning Tips

holiday cleaning tips

It’s amazing how quickly time flies, isn’t it? At Carpet Cleaning Service AZ, we can hardly believe its November, let alone the fact that it’s nearly holiday time again! With only 16 days left until Thanksgiving, 48 days left until Christmas, and 55 days left until we ring in the New Year now is certainly the best time to begin thinking of ways to make your home merry, bright, and clean.

Here are some holiday cleaning tips that we hope will help you make the most of the quickly approaching season.

Prioritize Your To-Do List

Your holiday to-do list is probably endless…am I right? Just the thought of finding time to clean in the midst of holiday baking, shopping, decorating, etc. can cause unnecessary stress. Prioritizing your cleaning to-do list means that you’ll get the most important rooms (i.e., kitchen, bathrooms, living room, dining room, entry way) out of the way before the holiday, and your guests, arrive.

Rearrange Furniture (as needed)

Your regular floor plan, and furniture placement may not accommodate a host of people, which is why a little rearranging may be needed. Rearrange furniture in a way that creates intimate conversation areas as well as allows for unhindered traffic flow (you don’t want anyone tripping). Set up a table with drinks and appetizers in the living room or den. The less people in the kitchen, the better.

Freshen Your Carpets

Carpets are like sponges – they absorb everything that settles on them. If your carpets aren’t looking or smelling their best, we highly suggest having them professionally steamed cleaned, before your guests arrive. Be mindful that some carpets can take up to 24 hours to dry, so you’ll want to have them cleaned well in advance of turkey day, or any of the other holidays coming to a home near you soon.

Safeguard Your Floors

Did you know when you get your carpet, tile & grout, and stone floors professionally steamed cleaned, you can opt for an extra layer of protection? Your floors will be protected from stains of all kinds; so while you can’t stop red wine, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie spills from happening, you can protect your floors from stains that set in. Ask us today about our high-quality protection options.

Enlist Help

If you’re a type A, you might be inclined to do all the planning, decorating, baking, and cleaning yourself. However, things will run much smoother and be less stressful if you enlist help from your family – and don’t forget Carpet Cleaning Service AZ. When people ask to help, it’s because they truly want to, so take them up on their offer – no matter how small or large the task. We are happy to assist with any carpet cleaning needs.

Cook in Advance

You don’t have to trade family time for a 5-course meal. Many vegetable side dishes, casseroles, and desserts can be made in advance and either kept refrigerated or placed in the freezer until the big day. Pinterest has some phenomenal turkey and ham recipes that can be cooked in the crockpot thus eliminating the need to slave over a hot stove when your friends and family are gathered near.

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