Time-Saving Cleaning Tips

time-saving cleaning tips

There’s no way around it – every home has to be cleaned. And the more active your home is, the more often it will need to be cleaned, which often leaves us without much time for anything else. If you feel that you have too many household chores and not enough time, then it’s time to fight back, especially because the time we get is precious. Check everything off your to-do list – your cleaning to-do list, that is – with these helpful time-saving cleaning tips. You can thank us later.

Tip #1: Incorporate a Simple Cleaning Routine

Heiton Buckley created an awesome infographic that breaks down how to clean every corner of your house without feeling overwhelmed. Check it out below.

Ultimate home cleaning routine
Courtesy of: Heiton Buckley

Tip #2: Gather All Supplies

Keep all of your cleaning tools and cleaners in a caddy. This allows you to easily grab them, carry them from room to room, and clean anytime. My must-have caddy tools? Microfiber cloths, lint roller, paper towels, all-purpose cleaner, disinfecting cleaner, dusting spray, antibacterial wipes, and window cleaner.

Tip #3: Use a Timer

Decide in advance how long you’re going to spend cleaning. There is no right or wrong answer; however, I think the you’ll find that the most realistic timeframe is 30 minutes. You can either spend that time on one area, such as a bathroom, or divide your time into blocks – for 30 minutes, do two 15 minute blocks.

Tip #4: Give Your Microwave a Steam Bath

Splashes and spatters in the microwave can get baked onto the interior surface, making it a monumental task to clean. Make it easier on yourself by boiling a cup of water in the microwave first. You can also use a cup of straight vinegar if you’d like. This will create a mini steam bath, softening stuck on food, and allowing for faster clean-up.

Tip #5: Dust Ceiling Fans Using a Pillowcase

Cleaning the blades of a ceiling fan can be a dirty job. But since it has to be done, why not make the chore easier? Keep the dust and grime controlled by using a pillow case as a cleaning rag. Simply slide the case over each blade in turn. When you pull it back off, all the dust and debris will fall into the case, rather than the floor or furnishings.

Tip #6: Work from the Top, Down

Dust settles downwards, so avoid making more work for yourself by working from the top, down. Vacuum and mop last. We also recommend using microfiber cloths made of synthetic materials when dusting hard surfaces. These cloths trap dirt far better than feather dusters which just move dirt around.

Tip #7: Quick Vacuum

If your floors need to be vacuumed, concentrate on high-traffic areas, corners and visible dust. A great way to cut down on dirt and grime from entering your home, which only serve to create more work, is to make a “no shoes inside the house” rule. A rule that you should strictly enforce. You should also have your carpets professionally steamed cleaned at least once a year.

Tip #8: Clean Your Cleaning Tools

Yes, really. If you don’t take the time to clean out your vacuum’s roller every now and then, they’ll be less efficient, causing you to spend more time cleaning one area of your home. Dirty cloths, mops, and full vacuum cleaners don’t pick up or remove dirt – period. Clean and/or replace your cleaning tools as needed.

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