How To: Avoid Crooked Carpet Cleaning Companies

avoid crooked carpet cleaning companies

Finding trustworthy carpet cleaning companies is important – a carpet cleaning job gone wrong can wind up costing you more expense, especially if your satisfaction wasn’t guaranteed.

We at Carpet Cleaning Service AZ have compiled the following tips in hopes that you will be able to identify and subsequently avoid crooked carpet cleaning companies.

Learn How To Avoid Crooked Carpet Cleaning Companies

Tip #1: Appearance & Credentials Matter

Beware of any carpet cleaner that arrives to your home in less than stellar appearance. While you shouldn’t expect a suit and tie, you should expect them to be neat in appearance, and have the correct equipment required to complete the task they’re being hired for.

Their vehicle should additionally be clean, not dented and rusted, and should display the company’s name and phone number if not more. The carpet cleaning company should also be ready to provide proof of insurance, certifications and references upon request – this is important.

Tip #2: Get an Estimate Before They Start Cleaning

Whether you want your carpets, upholstery or tile/grout cleaned, it’s extremely important to get not only one but three written estimates so as to avoid falling victim to crooked carpet cleaning companies. It’s also important to remember that the lowest bidder may not always prove to be the best choice.

An estimate should include:

  • Overall price
  • Breakdown, if more than one service is being done
  • Terms and conditions (always read the fine print)
  • The terms of any implied warranties or guarantees

Tip #3: Remember this Phrase

If it sounds too good to be true; then it probably is. While it is normal for many carpet cleaning companies to offer monthly specials, you should look out for companies offering extremely low prices, as hidden charges are typically involved. This is why it’s so important to get a written estimate (see above).

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