Preparing Your Home for the Holidays


With Christmas fast approaching – in t-minus 15 days to be exact – and family members set to arrive within a matter of days, many homeowners are setting their sights on ensuring their homes are sparkling clean by making master to-do lists, and checking them twice.

While most of us may wish (not to mention prefer) for little elves to appear who can finish those master to-do lists for us while we’re busy wrapping gifts or baking cookies, or just perhaps finally taking a much needed breather before the big day, we also know that we’ll probably be faced with tackling those to-do lists all on our own.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we can’t still pass the buck on a few of those listed cleaning tasks, especially when it comes to having our carpets professionally cleaned. A clean and beautiful decorated home will create a welcoming environment for all of your holiday guests.

So how does one go about achieving the task of checking off their master to-do lists? To get you started we at Carpet Cleaning Service AZ have taken the time to supply our loyal readers with the following three tips for preparing your home for the holidays.

Holiday Tip #1: Cut Down on the Clutter

Nothing beats a beautifully clean home that is free from clutter! Not only do you get to make room for guests and presents but your clutter can also help a family in need this holiday. The downside to de-cluttering is that it is never easy and rarely is it any fun; unless that is you make it a family affair.

Even though I am a minimalist by nature, my children certainly are not, which means that twice a year (at minimum) we get to go through every nook and cranny of my home in search of items just wasting useful space. With two boxes in tow, we decide which items are keepers, which should be trashed and which should be donated.

The entire process from start to finish typically takes a couple hours of our time but it’s definitely time well spent as we are awarded with a clutter free home – and as they like to remember ample room for all the holiday gifts they’ll receive from their aunts, uncles, mom, dad and of course the big man in red.

Holiday Tip #2: Deck the Halls

“Haul out the holly; put up the tree; fill the stockings for we all need a little Christmas now…” From hanging sparkling lights outside to setting up a whimsical tree inside, half of the holiday fun is in creating a festive home for both yourself and your guests to enjoy.

Unfortunately, though all those glittered ornaments and decorations can make a mighty mess, which is why I highly recommend decking the halls prior to moving on to the next holiday tip.

Holiday Tip #3: Clean Up Time

Okay, now that the clutter is gone and you’ve decked the halls, it’s time to turn your sights on cleaning your home which includes taking a look at the condition of your carpets and upholstery – as well as your tile and grout if it hasn’t been cleaned in some time.

The way your home furnishings feel and the way your carpets look can make all of the difference on how your guests perceive the cleanliness of your home. While they aren’t there to inspect your home with a white glove, stain riddled upholstery and carpets don’t look all that nice. At Carpet Cleaning Service AZ we can make your home like its fit to receive royalty so contact us today!

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