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What Should I Do Before The Carpet Cleaning Crew Arrives?

After accessing your carpet, you finally decide that you need to call your local carpet cleaning experts. So, after scheduling an appointment, you hang up the phone and look forward to finally having your carpets cleaned. Then the thought comes to your mind,

“What should I do to prepare my home before the carpet cleaning crew arrives?”

Sometimes, this question seems to have an obvious answer but in reality, it is a question that many people receiving a professional carpet cleaning do not know the answer to. So, Carpet Cleaning Service AZ is here to lend a hand a give you more than a few things that you can do before the carpet cleaners arrive.

If you are a parent, plan to have the children situated prior to the arrival of the carpet cleaners. This can be anything from having them go see a movie to having them play in their bedrooms. Nonetheless, getting your carpets cleaned can take a few hours, depending on how many areas are scheduled to be cleaned. In this case, plan accordingly with the children to make sure they are safe and content.

Another thing to consider when getting your carpets cleaned professionally is the pets in the home. Whether there is one or more, consider where they will be. If you are only getting one room cleaned, then it would be easy to move them to another room with the door closed. In a situation where you are getting more than one rooms cleaned and there is not a safe and comfortable place for your pet, consider having a pet sitter for a few hours.

Now that the children and pets are situated, let’s get to clearing the room of toys, knick knacks, and furniture!

Before we go on, if you have scheduled a Carpet Cleaning Service AZ technician for your carpet cleaning, we must note that our strict industry safety standards do not allow our technicians to assist in moving heavy and/or breakable furniture. This is the responsibility of the homeowner.

It is important to make sure to pick up small things from the carpeted room that is to be cleaned, such as toys, liter boxes, etc. When all things are picked up, have a friend help with moving any heavy and breakable furniture from the room to allow the carpet cleaners to clean the room completely and also providing them with more space to work with. After this is done, quickly vacuum the room and inspect your floors. Note all stains and try to recall what caused each stain. Write these notes down, as this will be useful information in which the carpet cleaning crew can use once they arrive.

Carpet Cleaning Service AZFinally, the last thing you can do before the carpet cleaners arrive is to clear up your driveway. Make room for their truck/van and equipment. Having the driveway cleared for them will allow them to work more efficiently and also make the room more accessible, which may mean a faster cleaning process.

Are you in need of a professional carpet cleaning?

Carpet Cleaning Service AZ is the expert in Carpet Stain Removals in Arizona! We fully understand the importance of clean carpets and will take the time to professionally deep-clean them. Call us today at (602) 633-2015 or click here for more information!


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