What method do you use for carpet cleaning?

Carpet Cleaning PhoenixAs a full service carpet and home cleaning Service Company, we provide a Two-Step deep cleaning system for cleaning carpets. In addition, our carpet cleaning process also includes extra steps that will help to guarantee our customer’s satisfaction.

Our cleaning process first consists of an inspection of the area that is to be treated. The inspection takes place as soon as our carpet cleaning technicians arrive. They will be prepared to inspect the carpet by performing a walk through and identifying all soiled, damaged, and/or pet stains on the carpet. This information will then be noted as the cleaning process continues.

Before our carpet cleaning technicians can begin, furniture must be moved away from the area needing to be cleaned. Any heavy or breakable furniture will need to be moved by the homeowner due to our strict industry safety standards. Although, our technicians are able to assistance in moving most light furniture, if needed.

Once our technicians have inspected the carpet and ensured that all furniture has been moved, our carpet cleaning method can now begin!

Our Two-Step Deep Cleaning System:

Step One – Cleaning: We use a non-toxic and special heat activated carpet cleaning solutions for our first step.

  • Our non-toxic cleaning solutions ensure that no matter what fibers the carpet is made of, it will be clean without any damages.
  • Our special heat activated cleaning solutions is used to help loosen the dirt that has become embedded due to high traffic area, pets, and/or spills.

Step Two – Rinsing: For our rinsing process, our carpet cleaning technicians use high-powered equipment and a PH-balancing fiber rinse.

  • Our high-powered extraction equipment will rinse the carpet without excessively wetting the carpet.
  • Our PH-balancing fiber rinse alongside with our extraction equipment will ensure that all cleaning solutions, water, and traces of debris will be removed.

Once our two-step deep cleaning system has been performed, our carpet cleaning technicians will go through another inspection, to compare notes from the first inspection. This step allows our technicians to look over the cleaned carpet with the homeowner and fix any issues, if found. It is important to us that ALL of our customers feel content and satisfied with our services and we will do our part to make sure this occurs.

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