The Best DIY Stain Removal Solution For Grass Stains

It’s officially summer and while many of the adults and parents are trying to stay cool inside, children seem to ignore the high heat and continue on strong with their outside adventures in the yard. Within the yard there are an abundance of things to explore but one of these “things” can cause the parents to feel discouraged as their children head inside.

Having grass in the yard, especially in Phoenix, is a wonderful thing during the summer. When watered and cared for correctly, the yard can give a cool and refreshing appeal to the home and a perfect place to sit and have picnics in the summer. Although, if you have ever ran and fallen on the grass while playing a game of “catch”, then you are well aware of how easy it is to get grass stains on your clothes. Unfortunately, grass stains may be easy to get but are very stubborn stains to remove.

In fact, I recall how upset my mother used to get when I would come inside with green colored knee caps on my jeans. Nonetheless, no stubborn stains could fight of my mother’s determination. As always, she was able to remove the grass stain that had initially caused her stress.

So, what is the secret?

Have you ever tried scrubbing and pouring hot water on your grass stain, only to see it wash after wash?

Well, then you must be doing it all wrong. There are two key factors in removing grass stains or any stains, for that matter. The key factors are…

  1. Ingredients Used
  2. *Method of Removing Stain

*With many stains, a dabbing motion is a key factor to lifting and removing a stain when considering the method of removing stains.

Let’s Begin Removing Grass Stains!

You will need:  1 part Dish Soap to 2 parts Hydrogen Peroxide and an old toothbrush.

  • Quickly look over the stain and estimate how much of your grass stain removal solution you will need (you will want enough coat the entire stain with a thin layer, at least two times).
  • Begin mixing your solution in a small bowl with 1 part dish soap to 2 parts hydrogen peroxide.
  • Grab an old toothbrush to use as a scrubbing tool.
  • Apply the stain removal solution directly on the stain and let it soak for about 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes, with circular motions, begin lightly scrubbing the stained material with an old toothbrush (do this until the majority of the stain is removed).
  • Add a bit more stain removal solution on top of the stain, and let it soak in for an additional 10 minutes.
  • Again, after 10 minutes, begin scrubbing in small circular motions until the grass stain is completely gone.
  • Grass Stain Is Now Removed!!

Don’t forget to launder your clothes afterwards for guaranteed stain free garment!

Are other stains bothering you? Our blog provides many tips in removing a number of stains, such as Removing The “Four C’s”!

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