Nail Polish Should Be On Your Nails NOT Your Carpet

It is never fun when you realize you have a carpet stain, but what makes it even worse is finding out what kind of stain you have to deal with. Nail polish is one of those stains that we never want to have because it can come in a variety of bright and opaque colors that is not friendly to any light colored carpet. Although, with a bit of acetone, patience, and a few other things, you will be able to get rid of those annoying stains!

The best and effective way to remove nail polish from carpet is to use acetone. Although, do not pour the acetone directly over stain and carpet because it is a strong chemical. It can destroy the backing of your carpet! We recommend using a  wash cloth and soaking one corner with acetone so that you will have more control when performing a dabbing motion over the nail polish stain.

Note: Do not scrub stain, this will cause you to spread the stain even further onto other parts of the carpet.

After you have dabbed acetone on the stain, use a dry corner from the wash cloth and perform a dabbing motion once more over the stain. This is going to help to remove any excess acetone that can damage your carpet and any of the nail polish that was able to lift from the carpet fibers. Then grab another wash cloth and begin dabbing and patting the stained area to help extract any leftover debris.

Not finished yet, grab some All Purpose Spotter!

The last step in removing pesky nail polish stains on carpet is to moderately apply All Purpose Spotter on the treated area and begin applying more pressure in a dabbing motion with a dry wash cloth to dry the area and remove any more debris that was not removed when removing the excess acetone.

Done, Nail polish is gone!

So, the next time you spill nail polish on the carpet, no need to stress. Just dash across the room for a few wash cloths, acetone, and all purpose spotter!


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