You Will Never Guess What Keeps Your Dog Off The Couch; It Will Have You Saying, “I knew that!”

Having furry pets as family members can be quite rewarding. They provide unconditional love, cuddles, and joy to their families. These are all perfect examples of what we can expect from our furry companions, and the expectations do not end there. As our parents have always said, “Taking care of a pet is a BIG responsibility”. This means that you can expect the teething phase in puppies, the scratching of furniture in cats, and even the occasional potty accidents in all young pets. Although, if you expect your puppy to know that the couch is off limits, you are about to be disappointed!

As the “master” or “alpha” of our furry family, we must understand that these actions are created through habits. If you do not wish to allow your pets to be on the couch, then make sure that you train your pet to know so. One of the biggest stains in Upholstery Cleaning is the drool marks of dogs who clearly love to do their bathing on the couch, sofa, or loveseat. For this reason, it is sensible to want to make furniture off limits to them.

So, how do we get our pets off the couch and off for good?

Again, the answer is obviously training, but there are other elements you can add to your training. Since training is essential to teaching your furry friend what is allowed in the home or anywhere, for that matter, it is important to include a reward system when your pet does the right action. Start off with treats and praise every time they do what you have asked from them, then, slowly decrease the treats and increase praise. With repetition and praise, your dog will understand that when instructions are given, he/she must follow them, and will do so willingly.

Now, many people have said that they have done this and still found their pet on the couch. This is where many owners are forgetting another crucial element. Think for a minute about your pet. Consider their daily routine within one day. Think about their comforts and their issues they may confront throughout the day.

Does your pet have to sleep or walk on tile floors? Is there carpet in your home? Imagine, in any of these situations, where would you prefer to take a nap? Your choices are, carpet, cold tile, or a warm and cushioned couch. So, which do you prefer? In this case, you can give your dog a treat for being logical.

So what is the secret to keeping your dog off the couch for good?

A bed or resting area of their own…

Essentially, your furry pet needs a comfortable spot or area where he/she can rest. This spot must provide your pet with qualities that he/she like. Some dogs and cats are easier to please when purchasing a doggie bed while others can be stubborn. Some will do fine with a thick blanket and pillow, while others can’t seem to resist the comfortable loveseat. These stubborn pets are the ones that will require more patience. The key is prevention through persistent training, a reward system of praise, and a “couch” to call their own. Using all these elements in your training will have you coming home to your friend off the couch and enjoying their very own doggie bed.

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