Earth Day Carpet Cleaning Tips: The Four C’s

Carpet Cleaning Service AZEarth day is tomorrow and what better way to help support environmental protecting by providing earth friendly carpet cleaning tips. This annual event, which started in 1970, is celebrated worldwide in hopes to bring awareness and protection to Earth. With many vehicles, power plants, and fossil fuel all around us, it is important to help do our part and give our environment a rest. In fact, our recommended green products are made from Earth.

Water and Vinegar: Going green does not have to be hard. By having water and vinegar available, you will be able to replace many household cleaners that contain many strong chemicals and odors. This includes solutions used to clean greasy stove tops, toilet scum, and even a variety of stains in carpets!

When dealing with a carpet stain, it can be helpful to know what the stain is. Something like chocolate will require a dabbing motion when cleaning versus cleaning up spilled tea. This dabbing motion will help to not spread the stain any further, which is a common mistake many of us have made in the past or are still doing now when trying to remove carpet stains. How Stuff Works provides cleaning tips on how to remove the “four c’s” from carpet.

Four C’s: Catsup, Chocolate, Coffee, and Cola

These four substances are very common in many homes today and for those who own carpet, you may have experienced spills that have become stains in your carpet. With these four stains, our simple green cleaning solution of water and vinegar will surely do the trick.

Catsup: Generously sponge a mixture of 1 cup vinegar and 2 cups water into the carpet. Continue to sponge the water and vinegar mixture until stain disappears. Rinse and wring out your sponge as necessary. (Editors of Publications International, Ltd., 2009)

Chocolate: Generously blot stain with a clean cloth and the same water and vinegar mixture as stated above and make sure to also rinse and wring out your clean cloth repeatedly until the water runs clear. (Editors of Publications International, Ltd., 2009)

Coffee and Cola:  If stains have not set yet, simply use a sponge and clean water to sponge the substance out. Although, if the stain is set, use water and vinegar mixture (1 part vinegar: 2 part water) to sponge it in and then rinse and wring until all brown color is gone. (Editors of Publications International, Ltd., 2009)

*Many stains can be removed easily when the spills are immediately cleaned properly.


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