Consider Your Indoor Air Quality

Many people suffer from hypersensitive immune systems which can cause a sneezing and coughing fury whenever allergens are present. These small antigens can be found throughout the air on a breezy spring day from the blooming flowers and their pollen. There are many different types of allergens that can trigger this response in sensitive individuals and they are not only found outside. Many allergens are brought from outside sources and are then brought indoors through a variety of surfaces. These surfaces can include shoes, clothes, hands, and other fibers of material.

In fact, allergens can usually remain for much longer when carpet is present in the home and/or business. Carpets are usually distributed throughout bedrooms, living room, or all rooms. There are many different types of material that carpet can be made from and some fibers are better at keeping dander within its fibers. These carpet fibers help to trap things like allergens, pollen, dust, and other elements from outdoors, which all can cause allergy symptoms. Now imagine the indoor quality of a business or home with carpet. Then add pets and you can assume how much their fur and dust mites can affect the indoor quality of a home.

Many families with carpet in their homes may also have children. This means that infants having “tummy time” will have a greater chance of exposure and have these symptoms, as a result. For anyone with asthma, exposure can cause the same, if not worse. So, is there anything anyone can do to improve the indoor air quality in your home and/or business?

Yes, Carpet Cleaning Service AZ Can!

It is important to consider your home’s and/or business’ indoor air quality. There are many people in and out of this area which means that many allergens are traveling along with them. For sensitive individual and children, coughing and sneezing is a common symptom and sign of their presence, but Carpet Cleaning Service AZ can help to give you a healthy home again that is comfortable, safe and inviting because of our excellent indoor air quality service. Breathe smoothly this spring; give us a call at 602-633-2015 today!

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