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Earth Day Carpet Cleaning Tips: The Four C’s

Carpet Cleaning Service AZEarth day is tomorrow and what better way to help support environmental protecting by providing earth friendly carpet cleaning tips. This annual event, which started in 1970, is celebrated worldwide in hopes to bring awareness and protection to Earth. With many vehicles, power plants, and fossil fuel all around us, it is important to help do our part and give our environment a rest. In fact, our recommended green products are made from Earth.

Water and Vinegar: Going green does not have to be hard. By having water and vinegar available, you will be able to replace many household cleaners that contain many strong chemicals and odors. This includes solutions used to clean greasy stove tops, toilet scum, and even a variety of stains in carpets!

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Consider Your Indoor Air Quality

Many people suffer from hypersensitive immune systems which can cause a sneezing and coughing fury whenever allergens are present. These small antigens can be found throughout the air on a breezy spring day from the blooming flowers and their pollen. There are many different types of allergens that can trigger this response in sensitive individuals and they are not only found outside. Many allergens are brought from outside sources and are then brought indoors through a variety of surfaces. These surfaces can include shoes, clothes, hands, and other fibers of material.

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