Hardwood Floors: Cleaning Tips!

Hardwoods floors can give a home an elegant and well-furnished sense of class. With the right color of paint for the walls, and the perfect accessories of frames and artwork, a room can be transformed. Although, there comes the time where the hardwood floors begin to look dull and loses its gleaming shine. Many people would believe that soap, water, and a mop will do the trick. Truth is, it will only add to the dull appearance.

Others may say, just add wax and polish away…

Again, there is more to know before attempting to clean your hardwood floors. In order to properly clean hardwood floors, you must first determine if the floor is sealed? There are a few methods to sealing hardwood floors. For most new hardwood floors, they are surfaced-sealed with the use of urethane, polyurethane, or polyacrylic. The surfaces become stain and water-damage resistant. If you own surface-sealed floors, then cleanup is as easy as sweeping, mopping, and letting it dry.

For those floors that are penetrating-seal treated, including oil-treated floors, require extra care. Since these floors end up soaking into and hardening within the wood grain, the floors must be protected with liquid and paste wax.

There are many things to consider when maintaining and cleaning your floors, but the most important thing to consider, is that water damages wood. Always you a damp mop, as a rule of thumb! Another thing to consider is that Carpet Cleaning Service AZ provides services in cleaning hardwood floors, too!

Carpet Cleaning Service AZ of Phoenix, Arizona provides professional hardwood floor cleaning for your home. Carpet Cleaning Service AZ uses a 6-step deep cleaning process for hardwood floor care, hardwood floor deep cleaning and hardwood floor finisher refresher top coat. Our Carpet Cleaning Service AZ technicians use state of the art equipment with special formulated cleaning solutions to give your hardwood floors a deep-down cleaning that will improve its appearance. So, if cleaning your hardwood floors this summer seems like too much of a task, Contact Us to Schedule an Appointment Today!!

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