Biggest Myth of Owning a Carpet!!

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Having a clean and new carpet is such a wonderful thing. You could lie on the floor and cuddle up with your loved ones and even pets. This pleasant feeling soon leaves once the first spill is made on the carpet. The reaction is to quickly clean the carpet BUT you know it will never be the same without the help of professionals, depending on the spill, of course. This seems to be one of the cons of owning a carpet and can lead people to choosing tile instead. For those carpet lovers, we will share one of the biggest myths of owning a carpet.

Many carpet owners think,” there is no need for professional help when I have my own carpet cleaning machine or I can rent a commercial one. “

Although you could definitely clean your carpet on your own, if it covers an entire room or house, the results will not be what you may expect. Personal and commercial carpet cleaning machines tend to use a lot of water, but what is worse is the excess soaking of the carpet. These machines are not able to extract all the water that it puts out. This is bad because it can take days to dry, which can lead to mold, mildew, and can destroy the backing of the carpet. Afterwards, the actual look of the carpet is changed. The carpet ends up looking dull and dingy, which is not what you want.

Just like anything else you own, a carpet can be maintained by cleaning it regularly. This is really based on how much traffic may go through your home, and what really happens on the carpet. In most cases, getting your Carpet Cleaned by Professionals will help keep the carpet cleaned without damage to the carpet, as well as the look of it, if cleaned every 12 months to 18 months. Vacuuming should be done weekly, or sooner if need be.

Carpets can be comfortable to have but making sure to maintain them by regular cleanings is crucial for the longevity, look, and feel of the carpet.

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