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Air Duct Cleaning Phoenix AZ

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Carpet Cleaning Service AZ Phoenix

Air Duct Cleaning Coupon

(Save $101.00)

10 Vents $149.00 (Reg. $25.00 per Vent)

Disclaimer: $15.00 for each additional
vent on this special. $25.00
per cold air return.

Carpet Cleaning Service AZ Phoenix

Air Handler Cleaning Coupon

(Save $100.00)

Air Handler cleaning $150.00 (Reg $250.00)

Disclaimer: This includes the A-Coil & blower. Improves systems performance & save on energy costs.


We Work Hard to Clean Your Home from the Inside Out

As a homeowner, you may or may not, be aware of the amount of pollutants stuck inside your air ducts. The simple truth according to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) is that your average six-room home will collect up to 40 pounds of dirt, dust, pollens, and allergens in its air ducts per year, all due to the daily ins and outs of life.

Breathe easy with the help of Carpet Cleaning Service AZ’s full-service air duct cleaning services. We will provide you with an in-depth assessment of your air duct systems including the quality of air you are currently breathing. Our professionally trained technicians utilize the most powerful and effective duct cleaning equipment, allowing us to efficiently clean all types of air duct work, no matter their size.

How can I prevent the amount of pollutants in my home?

Great Question! The key is to have your air ducts inspected on a regular basis; industry standards recommend every 2 years. Although, the frequency of cleaning your air ducts and air filters will vary from home to home, we base them on your specific needs and the amount of pollutants found in your air during inspection. By having your air ducts cleaned on a regular basis, you are taking the steps required to improve your entire home’s air quality, as well as improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

  • Our Air Duct Cleaning Process
  • Powerful duct cleaning equipment for all duct types as well as all registers and grilles
  • Improves HVAC system efficiency which in turn may reduce your energy costs
  • Removes years of accumulated dirt, debris and allergens
  • All work is performed by professionally trained, certified technicians
  • We thoroughly inspect all air duct systems for any signs of damage and/or leaks
  • We follow strict guidelines put in place by the NADCA
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